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Democratising The Development: An Ambedkarite Perspective

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  Second National ConferenceDemocratising The Development: An Ambedkarite Perspective (With Special Reference to Odisha) Concept Note Venue: Association Office, NALCO, Angul, OdishaDate and Time: 21 & 22 April 2018Abstract Submission: April 1, 2018 The contemporary development in India is marked by profound contradiction – in principle, citizens have the rights to liberty, justice, and equality; …


Susheela Takhbhaure’s autobiography: The untold narratives of the Valmiki Community in Madhya Pradesh

Daya Aruna

D Aruna Indian Social Systems are characterized and operated by Caste which marks the graded inequality on a vertical ladder resulting out of the Hindu Social Framework with Brahmins being positioned at Top and Shudras, Untouchables at the bottom. Brahmins enjoyed their dominion over knowledge structure which gave them a superior position in the society, …


Becoming Minority- An Unsettling Inquiry into a ‘Settled’ Concept

Bhakti Deodhar

  Bhakti Deodhar (Book review of Becoming minority: How Discourses and Policies Produce minorities in Europe and India, edited by Jyotirmay Tripathi and Sudarshan Padmanabhan, New Delhi, Sage Publications 2014.) At a time when its attitude towards internal and external religious minorities poses an intractable predicament for the Indian government in the gaze of the …


Differentiating the Hindi subject: Bhojpuri experience

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  Asha Singh Questions of linguistic autonomy and annihilation of caste-gender oppressions are crucial for the struggles of an emerging Bahujan public sphere in Bhojpuri speaking regions. Ali Anwar, the Pasmanda Muslim Parliamentarian from the Bhojpuri region has often been in the forefront of asserting Bhojpuri autonomy in the Parliament. Within the Bhojpuri public sphere, …


Archiving the Complex Genealogies of Caste and Sexuality: An Interview with Dr. Anjali Arondekar

kalvant amonkar

  Anjali Arondekar This interview emerged as a series of email exchanges between Rohan Arthur and Dr. Anjali Arondekar who works on the Gomantak Maratha Samaj archives, following Rohan’s tribute essay on Kishori Amonkar titled Kishori Amonkar: Assertion, Erasure, Reclamation. The interview was conducted with inputs from James Michael and Akshay Pathak. Can you describe the historical origins …


Understanding the Intersections of Gender and Caste Discrimination in India

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  Kamna Sagar The caste framework in India has stood out as the biggest element of social stratifications. Caste, class, and gender are indistinguishably associated, they speak with and overlap each other. Numerous parts of the human condition are profoundly influenced by the stratified examples of the rank framework. Alongside Gender stratifications that characterize numerous …


‘Perspectives’: Social Experiment or Caste Conservation?

syam DV

  Kanika Sori  In February this year, a young Savarna woman from Srishti School of Art Design and Technology, Bangalore, created a photo-project that went viral. It was hosted by fifty different kinds of media portals. Recently it was recycled by an e-zine called Storypick for public consumption. Its creator called the album ‘Perspectives,’ and …


Teri Zameen Tera Aasman – World Premiere of Documentary Film on Women

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  Round Table India  World Premiere Film Screening of TERI ZAMEEN TERA AASMAAN: Bhartiya Nari! Tu Aazaad Kahaan?(Your Earth Your Sky: O Indian Woman! Where thou art free?) ~ {youtube}vQq2OdjCI80{/youtube}  This screening will be a part of the The International Conference onRe-imagining Religion, Caste and Social Justice in South AsiaThe 3rd annual conference Production and …


On the Anxieties surrounding Dalit Muslim Unity


  Ambedkar Reading Group Delhi University  Recently we saw the coming together of Dalits and Muslims at the ground level, against a common enemy – the Hindu, Brahminical State and Culture – in many instances. It was a unification of lower caste groups and Muslims that we witnessed in the struggles of Ambedkar Students Association …