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Why is Our engagement a positive one

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Georgy Kuruvila Roy Oppression or freedom?  One should ask a very pertinent question to anyone who claims to be a representative of a movement or a theoretical discourse: do you believe in it because you base yourself on oppression or you base yourself on freedom? This question is pertinent because the answer can lead to …


Why India must carve out a Union Territory from the State of Manipur

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The Case for Separate Administration:Why India must carve out a Union Territory from the State of Manipur ~ Min Khooptong “O stranger, thou who passes by,Go, and tell the hills high and low,That in defending their ‘morrow,Here we lie”  An epitaph proposed for the patriots who gave their lives. Barely a month has passed since …


Press Release: Free Kashmiri Political Prisoners


Free Kashmiri Political Prisoners, an online campaign to release Kashmiri political prisoners from various Indian jails, has attracted endorsement and support from academics, intellectuals and filmmakers from around the world. Eminent intellectuals and scholars like Judith Butler (Hannah Arendt Chair at the European Graduate School and Maxine Elliot Professor in the Departments of Rhetoric and Comparative Literature, …


Response to ‘Notion Of Freedom And Reality Of Unfreedom’ by Anand Teltumbde


Vaibhav Wasnik [The article ‘Notion of Freedom And Reality Of Unfreedom’ by Anand Teltumbde can be found here. Vaibhav’s response expresses a belief in electoral democracy and the transformative potential of the Indian constitution. Round Table India shall continue to welcome all shades of Dalit and Bahujan opinion] The article by Mr Teltumbde starts off with …


Feet of Clay: Amitav Ghosh and the Imperial Indian Gaze

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— Jason Keith Fernandes A couple of days ago, an interview, of the part-time Goa resident author Amitav Ghosh, with Lila Azam Zanganeh for the magazine Guernica created something of a storm of outrage. Ghosh had suggested in the course of conversation, that ‘one of the wonderfully liberating things about India; [is that] it lets …


Myth called freedom & Varna conscience

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by Chandrabhan Prasad Ever since Varna editors were caught postulating before Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf at his free breakfast ceremony in Agra, they have discovered a time tested refuge of “Press freedom” to justify their shameful intellectual conduct.  They are into their old habit of “defining” freedom, where the Press has the spine to confront …