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Cartoons, Caste and Epistemic Violence (Part 2)


Nilesh Kumar [This is the second part of his article on caste and epistemic violence. The first part explored how the Ambedkar cartoon in the NCERT text book was a metaphor for epistemic violence. Here, he tries to explain how the cartoon is just one more illustration of how entrenched violence is in academia; one …


Attacks on Dalits in Koothirambakkam near Chennai

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(Fact finding report first published in April 2003 by PUCL) Team members 1. Sheelu, President, Tamil Nadu Women’s Collective 2. T.S.S. Mani PUCL, Chennai – Chengai District Committee. 3. Ponnuthai, Women’s Forum Against Violence on Women, South Tamil Nadu. 4. W.G.Latha – Tamil Nadu Resource Team. 5. Jessy , Kanchi People’s Forum 6. Mahesh, Kanchi …