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The Colonial Lens of an Ethnographic Research: A Note on Nandini Krishnan’s Invisible Men

invisible men

  Arpita Jaya Invisible Men: Inside India’s Transmasculine Network, and its author Nandini Krishnan’s remorseless responses to the serious objections raised by quite a few transmen and transwomen activists, is yet another page in the genre of ‘sweet-tempered liberal’ transphobia.These volumes of academic and non-fiction literature produced in India, which while claiming to depict the …


‘Don’t be our fathers’: Celebration and Assertion are Politics too


  Rupesh Kumar Sometime back my friend Ajith posed a couple of questions about my documentary “Don’t be our fathers” in his article (Dalitizing cinema : A critique of Rupesh Kumar’s ‘Don’t be our fathers‘) on Round Table India. The nature of that text by itself needs a separate analysis. But for now, I shall …