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Politics beyond Pity: Looking at the condemnation of the events of Republic Day, 2021

farmers protest

  Naichashakh (नैचाशाख) The farmer’s protests which managed to persuasively register themselves in early November as the farmer groups and unions moved past the barricades, heavy police deployment, water cannons, and several other obstacles to lodge themselves firmly at the seat of political power have opened up the many contradictions which make or rather un-make …


A critique of ‘Court’ and the Brahmin agency behind it

maitreya yogesh 2

  Yogesh Maitreya As part of my fieldwork, I had been assigned to spend a year studying one of the prisons in Mumbai. To study the criminal justice system more closely and to know its nuances, I had to attend court trials, visit police stations and localities where mostly Dalit-Bahujans reside. Wherever I went, I came …