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Epistemic Injustice: Does Knowledge have Caste?

pranav jeevan p

Pranav Jeevan P Manusmriti ordains production and transmission of knowledge as the prerogative of savarnas or brahmins. This has created a structural gatekeeping of educational spaces from Dalit Bahujan Adivasis (DBA) for millennia. It had also imposed severe restriction on them to access information. The status of education and information distribution is no different even …


Statement in support of Kiruba Munusamy

kiruba munusamy

  We, the undersigned, are individuals working for the rights of marginalized persons in India including women, LGBTQ+ persons and people from oppressed castes. We strongly condemn the harassment and subsequent persecution that Piyush Manush has launched against Kiruba Munusamy. We stand in solidarity with Kiruba against this casteist and patriarchal persecution by Piyush Manush. …