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The uniqueness of the Tsundur struggle

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  Anoop Kumar & Ashokan Nambiar [Published in INSIGHT, a Dalit students’ magazine, Jan-Feb 2005 issue, with the title ‘Following Tsundur: Taking stock of path to justice’] While preparing the last issue of Insight [Nov-Dec 2004] that was based on caste atrocities we were shocked at the poor conviction rate in the massacres of Dalits. …


Dalits in Nepal: Politically Manufactured Karma


Dalits in Nepal: Politically Manufactured Karma The facts on the ground Suresh Singh (First published in Insight magazine in 2005) Dalits are groups of people considered as ritually impure and imagined as living apart from the “mainstream society”. This poorly understood community is called untouchables or Dalit, a term borrowed from India. The literal meaning …


Pushpa Balmiki: I decided to fight


– An interview with Pushpa Balmiki [This interview was first published as “My restlessness grew and started taking form quite early” in the March-April 2005 issue of Insight magazine. R. B. Rawat conducted the interview] Pushpa Balmiki is the founder of Adharshila, an NGO working in the Tarai Region of UP. She has represented Dalit …