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V.T. Rajshekar on Cultural Identity and Caste Hegemony (Part 2)

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  (This is the second and final part of the paper ‘Interpretation of Cultural Identity and Caste Hegemony in Selected Prose Writing of V.T. Rajshekar‘. Please read the first part here.) Grishma Manikrao Khobragade Rajshekar indicates that once culture sanctifies the Brahmin as pure, the presence of the Brahmin is legitimized in all cultural institutions …


“I am not a slave and don’t make me a slave”- Annan Pasupathi Pandian, a tribute


  Ravi Chandran (With editorial suggestions from Kuffir) This article is an attempt to bring together information about the Dalit revolutionary leader Pasupathi Pandian, who was brutally murdered a couple of days ago (January 10, 2012). Since only bits and pieces of news material is available on him, I tried to gather some information from the …