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Appeal in the context of the Kerala Floods 2018


  Appeal to Government and Humanitarian Organizations in the context of the Kerala Floods 2018 Abhayaloka Buddhist Community Date :21/08/2018 The floods in Kerala has wreaked havoc on the entire state and plunged the state into an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. With over 320 people dead since August 20,2018 , and above 10,00000 people living 5645 …


Caste is pervasive and even so during disaster


ICDA Team ICDA’s team finds Caste Discrimination Rampant in Distribution of Relief The coastal districts including Cuddalore have been severely affected by the recent floods following an unprecedented level of heavy rains. Though everyone has been affected, it was found that the Dalits were more affected, NGO accounts, newspaper reports and reports by social activists …


Disastrous Dalit-ness

pradnya mangala

  Pradnya Mangala It is important to approach the study of disaster, not as an exercise in social disorganization or pathology but as the occasion for understanding some of the more important normal structures and processes, such as communication, interactions, organization, decision making. Thus an approach which emphasizes social adaptability, not social pathology and problem …