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Why and How the Government Fails to Remove Caste-Based Manual Scavenging in India!

ajay rahulwad

Ajay Rahulwad Introduction Manual scavenging is a caste-ridden occupation done by manual scavengers, workers who clean human excreta manually, meaning, with hands. If one would want to understand why these workers have to do this job, one has to look at its genesis in the caste-based occupational stratification in India. It is said that, “All …


A Critique on Article 15: Unravelling the Brahmin Saviour Complex

nandhana prem 1

  Nandhana Prem As I entered into the dimly lit multiplex for a second show, I saw seats almost half-filled, people busy chattering about Article 15. The film takes off with a folk song, drawing the attention of the audience from their chatters to that of a gut-wrenching explication on discrimination met by the Dalits. …


The power and the danger of personal stories

anand silodia

Anand Silodia Babasaheb said, “Ours is a battle, not for wealth or power. It is a battle for freedom. It is a battle for the reclamation of the human personality.” What does it mean, the reclamation of human personality? You reclaim something that you have lost. How does one lose one’s human personality? The caste …


Exploring the Narrative History and Experiences of Meghwal Community: An Ethnographic Study

mayur helia

  Mayur Helia The Meghwal community has no written history as such. Everything is in the oral form. Through this research, I have understood that a major portion of their history is lost in this process of oral history. Also, there are multiple stories which have come up over a period of time. About the …


An excerpt from ‘The Brahmin Keeps India in the 18th century’

Cover page

  Naren Bedide (Kuffir)    The second issue of Prabuddha: Journal of Social Equality carries articles by authors from anti-caste traditions and black liberation movements exploring the myths of inherent essence or “svabhava” of humans. Authors from the anti-caste traditions examine ‘The Brahmin Svabhava—uninterrupted access to surplus, labor, and property over the ages.’ And authors from Black liberation …


Homage to Kalaignar M. Karunanidhi

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Progressive Thinkers Forum of the Blind The icon of social justice and the prominent leader of the oppressed, Dr. Kalaignar Karunanidhi (1924-2018) passed away on 07.08.2018, leaving his huge legacy behind. His demise has indeed left crores of Tamilians across the world, progressive thinkers and the people who believe in alternative politics in deep sorrow. …


A tribute to the indigenous people of India

shekhar bodhakar 1

  A tribute to the indigenous people of India on International Indigenous People’s Day now recognised by the UN A simplified brief history of thousands of years of Indian anti-humanism explains who are the indigenous people of India Shekhar Bodhakar The Real Utopia Over three (some say four, some five) thousand years ago the land …


“When I See Them, I See Us”: Building together the Dalit and Palestinian movements for Justice

Jamal Juma 850 593

  Jamal Juma’ Jamal Juma’ is the coordinator of the Palestinian grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign (Stop the Wall) and secretariat member of the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions National Committee (BNC) ~ As I put together my thoughts to write this, I read the news about Bhanubhai Vankar, a Dalit activist from the Indian state …


क्या भारत सभ्य है?

nature caste hindus

  संजय जोठे (Sanjay Jothe) सोशल साइंस की एक कांफ्रेंस के बाद एक स्विट्जरलैंड के प्रोफेसर मित्र से बात करने का मौका मिला। बैठक के दौरान हमारी बात हो रही थी अलग अलग देशों की समाज व्यवस्था पर, वे मध्यकालीन यूरोप के सामाजिक ताने बाने की बात बता रहे थे। सामाजिक मानवशास्त्र के विशेषज्ञ के …