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Bhagana’s Dalits: From struggle for justice to conversion to Islam

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  Bhanwar Meghwanshi For nearly four months they were subjected to social boycott, economic blockade and mental torture. They were not allowed to fill water from public taps, they couldn’t use the common space for defecation in the village, the only non-Dalit doctor had stopped their treatment, and they could not use the village land …


Bhagana: Laboratory of Dalit atrocities and resistance

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  (This report is sourced from the Hindi blog Raffoo. It has been translated by Akshay Pathak and Atul Anand) Dalits have always been subjected to atrocities by the upper castes and it has to do with the filthy and unjust social structure that we live in. But the incident that happened in Bhagana village …


Bhagana-Haryana Rape Victims warn Hooda against inaction

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  Ravi Nitesh Victims and activists unite in demanding One Crore compensation and rehabilitation for Bhagana’s Dalit minor rape victim girls and forcing the Haryana CM to act against the upper caste perpetrators who have brazenly been grabbing the Dalit villagers’ land New Delhi, 11 May 2014: Hundreds of women, children and men from Bhagana …

Educate, Agitate, Organize

Bhagana’s Dalits and Caste Atrocities in Haryana


Public Meeting on Bhagana’s Dalits and Caste Atrocities in Haryana ~~~ AIBSF/UDSF Dalits from Bhagana village (Haryana) have reached Delhi covering a 200 km journey on foot in this sweltering summer heat, half naked, as a protest against the Khap Panchayat of Bhagana Jats. They have sat on a Dharna at Jantar Mantar, in the …