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Support ST/DNT movement for reclaiming Vatan Land in Maharashtra

Support ST/DNT movement for reclaiming Vatan Land in Maharashtra

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Sujit Nikalje

Support and Contibute for reclaiming the awarded Land at Maharashtra

Lalit Babar, Social Activist is fighting to reclaim the Awarded Land (Vatan Land) to SCs and NTs from the Maharashtra state government. During the Colonial Rule in India, Mahar, scheduled caste and Ramoshi, Nomadic Tribe in Maharashtra were given 528000 acre of Awarded Land (Vatan Land) in lieu of their services provided to colonial administration. These land has been historical use for different purposes by Dalit communities in the village as they still face discrimination and ostracisation. Dalit communities have used the Awarded Land as burial ground, for housing purposes and livelihood.

Even after 70 years of independecne around one lakh acre of Awarded Land (Vatan Land) is still in the possession of the Maharashtra State Government. On the other hand the state government has failed miserable to take the land from landed upper caste farmers under land ceiling act. In Sangola block of Sholapur district, more than 2000 acre of Awarded Land (Vatan Land) is in the possession of the Forest and Animal Husbandry Department of State Government of Maharashtra.

To fight against anti Dalit state of Maharashtra, Lalit Babar has started fast-unto-death since 26 October, 2017. He is demanding the Awarded Land (Vatan Land) should be given back to the community by the state.

This is very crucial and important issue for all the people who supported the idea of equal distribution of the resources. This is an appeal to all to all, to contribute and support the movement.


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