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Ambedkarite Students Condemn TISS Administration’s Attempts to Delegitimize Ongoing Protest

Ambedkarite Students Condemn TISS Administration’s Attempts to Delegitimize Ongoing Protest

tiss ongoing protest


Date 4/3/2018.

Statement from Ambedkarite Students Condemning TISS Administration’s Attempts to Delegitimise Ongoing Protest at all campuses 

We the Ambedkarite Students strongly condemn and disapprove the act of a few Students’ Union members and the Administration in their effort to call off the ongoing protest at all the campuses of TISS. This is not only undemocratic but also an act of betrayal by both Students; Union Members and the administration who, rather than focusing on the concerns raised by the students, are engaged in a strategy of divide and rule in order to break student unity. The Administration has been putting pressure on the Students’ Union body and strategically using a few members of the faculty and student groups as their puppets to divide the students, who have come together raising their demands and concerns, for the first time in the history of TISS.

tiss ongoing protest

This indeed is a major step towards ensuring social justice and equity within all the campuses of the institute as well as a fierce act of resistance to the brahminical and neo-liberal forces who have hegemonized knowledge production and dissemination and hoard it away from the marginalised communities across times and spaces. However, the acts of certain members of the Students’ Union body aiding the Administration to repress this resistance is equally condemnable as are those of the Administration. It is against the spirit of student unity and the notion of social justice which this Institute claims to stand for.

We have earlier rejected and till date continue to reject the proposal put forth by the Administration that does not fully meet our demands. We require the administration to provide a more inclusive and sustainable solution which allows our future generation of marginalized sections to access education as a RIGHT rather than charity- not a containment strategy for current protest. We would like to strongly convey this message to the Administration that our morale CANNOT BE BOUGHT. We will no longer agree to the bread crumbs thrown at us. We strongly believe in Dr. Ambedkar’s idea of paying back to society and we are very clear that we are not just fighting for the current Batches but for the upcoming Batches of students from SC, ST, OBC-NC.

We condemn any act by the Administration, faculty, and students who are trying to divide us with their sectarian and divisive politics. We strongly believe in the Ambedkarite ideology which stands for liberty, equality, fraternity and social justice. We have stood for the cause along with fellow Dalit – Bahujan students since day one. We want to remind that we are standing united and will continue to stand united.

We will not step back till all our charter of demands across four campuses are met unconditionally.

We will fight till GOI-PMS is issued to all SC, ST, OBC-NC of not just current Batches but also for upcoming Batches.

Educate! Agitate! Organize!


Ambedkarite Students, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai

Endorsed by:
Students from current batches

Disha K R, Mphil-PhD
Prashanthi, Mphil-PhD
Siddharth Kamble, MA
Pooja Kudal, MA
Vivek Singh, MA
Ajeet Shekhar, MA
Dnyaneshwar Shejwal, MA
Ajinkya Chandanshive, PhD
Sheetal Kamble, PhD
Anish Azhakan Kunjukunj, PhD
Sunija M V, PhD
Megha Kshirsagar, MA
Deependra Singh, MA
Nayan Patil, MA
Shailu Karre, MA
Ravi Kumar, PhD
Vicky Nandgaye, PhD
Harshwardhan Shende, PhD
Bijitha P R, PhD
Nithya K, MPhil
Arati Kade, MPhil-PhD
Yashwant Zagade, PhD
Sharad Kodane
Sangita Bhure, MPhil
Seema Panchbhai, MPhil

 Upendra Sompimple, MPhil-PhD

Nikhil Walde, MPhil-PhD
Vidya S R, MA
Daisy Katta, MPhil-PhD
MD Khursheed Akbar, PhD
Kavita Chauhan, MA
Amrita Mohankumar, MPhil-PhD
Shyam, MPhil-PhD
Deepchand, MPhil-PhD
Arbind Kumar, MPhil-PhD
Amit Kumar, MA
Swarali Patil, MPhil-PhD
Yuga Thaware, MA
Vanita Tumsare, PhD

Endorsed By Alumni:

Rahul Sonpimple, MA, 2010-12
Bhupali Magare, MA, 2010-12
Shabana Ali, MA, 2010-12
Raju Chalwadi, MA, 2013-15
Devesh Khatarkar, MA, 2014-16
Anurup Khillare, MA, 2013 -15
Sreejith Murali, Mphil, 2015-17
Swapnil Gedam, MA, 2012-14
Baldev Parmar, MA, 2015-17
Nishant Bhagat, MA, 2013-15
Adithya Chandanshive, MA, 2015-17
Nishant Shekhar, BA-SW, 2010-13
Pranay Mane, MA, 2011-13
Divyesh Murabia, MA, 2010-12
Sumit Chavan, MA, 2011-13
Meenakshi Jha, MA, 2011-13
Amu Vinzuda, MA, 2013-15
Evita Das, MA, 2014 – 16
Satya Swaroop Panda, MA, 2011-13
Neelima Pahurkar, MA, 2011-13
Piyush Garud, MA, 2011-13
Pralay Nagarale, MA, 2015-17


[Via Daisy Katta]

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