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Police lathi-charge protesting Dalits, bury Sankar’s body by force

Police lathi-charge protesting Dalits, bury Sankar’s body by force

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Note compiled by Joshua Isaac Azad

On 13.3.16, Sankar was murdered by a caste Hindu group for his inter caste marriage. His wife was seriously injured and now in stable condition in hospital. Sankar’s body was brought yesterday (14.3.16) to his native Komaralingam, Udumalaipettai from Coimbatore after post mortem. Dalits refused to bury his body till the murderers are arrested and blocked the road in order to prevent the police from taking the body. Some started protesting inside the cemetery. Later at around 11 pm police lathi charged the protesting Dalits, took control of the body and forced Sankar’s father to bury him.

This video is part 1 of the 2 videos acquired by VCK media wing that documents the police atrocity on Dalits. This shows protesting Dalits on the road and cemetery. It shows police lathi charging and arresting them. Jallipatti Murugan, VCK district secretary and Sathish Kumar, VCK spokesperson of Thirupur south district helped us in getting this video.


 Part 1:


Sankar’s body buried by police in presence of his father and relatives (part 2 of 2)

Follow my earlier part 1 video. After police lathi charged and arrested Dalits, Sankar’s body was taken by police along with his father and buried. VCK and other movements were protesting with the Dalits, around 10 were injured in the lathi charge. Earlier Sankar’s legally married wife Kausalya was denied her request to see her husband’s body for the last time by the administration. It took us a whole day to get access to these videos that document police atrocities over Dalits. Due to the sensitive nature of the issue Please share widely or download them and post it on your own. Update: A team from National Commission for Scheduled Castes (NCSC) is investigating Dalit youth Sankar’s murder case in Udumalaipettai and met with Sankar’s parents today. Media reports that the commission has issued notice to the district police department to explain the lathi charge on peaceful Dalit protesters and burial of Sankar’s body by force. Please send the videos documenting police atrocity on Dalits accessed and shared by VCK media wing to the commission, which will help them in their investigation.

Part 2:


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